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Our Amazing Cryo Contouring Consultants

If having an elevated love of yourself and your body is what you are looking for, then we can't wait to meet you!

We love that you are taking the time for yourself that you deserve!


We are grateful to be an integral reason for our client's elevated self-love. 


We realize how busy you are, so ensuring we make the most of your time with us is our number one goal.  That's why we take the time up front to gain a deep understanding of your specific goals and motivations. If we believe your concerns can be better served with other options outside of our expertise, we will let you know.


We share our recommendations in hopes to guide you to a better love of oneself.

About the Owner


Owner and Cryo Contouring Advisor

Wife. Mother. Professional.

Through our consulting and treatment services, our clients and staff have access to resources that fuel their best lives, professionally and personally.

Both High Ticket Launch Coach (B2B) and Cryo Contouring Studios LLC (B2C) are new brands owned and created by me, for my audience.

Just like my clients, I wear many hats and have a deep appreciation of my clients' struggles with two integral themes: time management and body image. I've been involved with Cryoskin almost since its introduction in the United States, and now excited to share my positive results and knowledge with the wellness and beauty community!

As a mother to three teenagers and a puppy, I chose to retire from my Pharmaceutical Marketing career for a more flexible work-life balance. After experiencing the benefits of Cryoskin, I joined the company on its mission to expand access to these new treatment options across the US by helping more entrepreneurs launch non-invasive contouring services.

I now enjoy coaching wellness and beauty business owners to efficiently launch their non-invasive beauty treatments. In Jan 2023, I decided to not just coach clients but also follow my advice with the start of Cryo Contouring Studios LLC in Central NJ.


There's a gap in the consulting industry; a lack of consultants who guide their clients with expert insight, but yet have not been in their clients' shoes.

I intend to fill this gap.

Cryoskin Treatment Bedminster NJ
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