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Cryo Contouring Studios LLC

Neveskin Facial

Is your skin showing signs of rapid aging getting you down? 

Have you been looking for a better non-invasive, natural treatment solution?
We hear you - and have created an efficient, luxurious treatment experience tailored for our multitasking clients juggling family and career.

Neveskin is revolutionizing the market of slimming and toning with the latest technology from Europe. Neveskin applies sub-zero temperatures to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Results start to show from your first session and keep improving through your transformation package.


Contouring facials fight effects of aging: 

  • Neveskin Toning specific areas of the body with cold temperatures 

  • Sessions only take about 20-40 minutes and you start to see results from your first treatment and on.

  • Results last for several months after you complete the sessions 

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