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Cryo Contouring Studios LLC

Top 5 Most Asked Neveskin Questions


What is Neveskin?

Neveskin is a machine manufactured in Italy with a focus on non-invasive sessions for shaping and toning. 


How does Neveskin work?

The session lasts for about 20-40 minutes and is done manually through a massage technique. The session begins with heat and then a steady decrease in temperature for the subzero cold sequence. The session is then finished with a warming sequence for comfort and increased circulation.


Is Neveskin Safe?

The sessions are very safe and non-invasive. Many clients visit us during the lunch break or immediately before a workout. There is no downtime after the session. 


How long does it take to see results?

The results can last for years, but it is recommended to schedule 1-2 sessions every 6 months to maintain the best results. 


What are common results?

Research has shown customers lose an average of 1.85 inches over 5 sessions and many people say they start to see inch loss over the course of the first few sessions!

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